Online Store has been Launched!

For years I’ve been relying on outsourced print shops to handle all of my print sales, recently I took the chance and bought some heavy duty photo printing hardware and a ton of insanely high quality paper.

So now I am able to provide you all a direct line to my prints – with a strong quality control and personalization of being able to have real limited numbered editions and hand signed pieces! So check out the store link in the menu above or click HERE and get your prints!

Site update!

Hello TSR fans, friends, and well wishers.

As you can see the site is no longer in complete shambles. Unfortunately I DID delete all the past content that I had on the site because it was an unfocused mess of insane banality that I wanted to purge pretty much instantly.

A few small quick updates:

— My portfolio can be accessed above; it is a temporary home but a good way of seeing some of my work while I work on a proper portfolio here on my domain.

— YouTube updates happen every THURSDAY with occasional small updates on TUESDAY as I deem fit.

— Commissions ARE OPEN, so please get in contact with me through social media (@Thatstevenrice on IG and Facebook or @SRice13 on Twitter) and we can go over details.

— I have a few projects that I’m in the works with some filmmakers and record producers, if those projects come into fruition then commissions will be temporarily CLOSED, so check my FB for status on those!

That’s about it for now! Thanks all!

Well then

I had a slew of hosting problems, and temporary homes but I am now back at my true home! I need to rebuild so please mind the mess and if you want to see my portfolio check out its temporary home HERE!

Everything will be back here shortly! I promise!