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Slashback Video Art Piece!

Here it is! The piece I sent out to Mystic Museum for their Slashback Video art installation! We weren’t allowed to show it until the show was over – but here it is! Now, unfortunately, it didn’t sell so it IS available now! I will be posting on my Facebook and Instagram when it’s ready!

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New Webcast and Art Work!

Hello friends and fans! Recently I began a new webcast/live stream on YouTube called “Do You Even Art?”. You get to see the inside view of my latest projects as they’re being completed, you get inside info to my thought process and see a real time view of my art. I talk about my history, my viewpoint, even get into my life and rants about movies too! THe first two episodes were already posted: Be sure to go to my YouTube page HERE and make sure to like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell to know when I am going live! In other news – I finished the latest poster for Inspire Pro Wrestling, and a private commission recently as well – check those out below!

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Some quick additions to the portfolio!

Hello friends! Are you following me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? If not – maybe you should! I update a lot faster there! Either way – here’s a few updates to what I’ve been doing the past few months: New poster for Inspire Pro Wrestling! A Memorial piece commissioned by friends of James “Doc Terror” Harris who passed away after a long battle with Cancer. A Fun Mashup because I could! Who doesn’t love TerrorVision?! Keep an eye out for new pieces on my Instagram and Facebook pages if you’re interested! Also commissions are open currently at a discounted rate. Message me if interested!

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Seven Hill City – Second Poster Reveal!

Today it was revealed – The first trailer and final poster for Seven Hill City – I had a hell of a good time on this show. Check out the poster below and click the link after seeing it to check out their indiegogo campaign to finish up post production and get some EXCLUSIVE prints!

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Been a while

I know, I know – I am terrible at updating this blog in almost every way! (I’m even worse at updating my portfolio as well!) However life has been super busy for me in this crazy art world! If you want to keep up in real time please make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook because I update 2-3 times a day there! Over the past few months I’ve been working with Austin, TX based wrestling promotion INSPIRE PRO with a few campaigns to advertise their recent shows: In addition to those I was also working on poster art for an upcoming film; “Seven Hill City” by Brandon Stroud. I was bound by an NDA up until recently for one of the posters but thankfully can share with you now as well! AS for the second poster – I haven’t gotten the clearance for that yet but keep an eye open! Lastly – for those of you remember me talking about working on the indy horror film “Chopping Cart” you may remember me revealing this poster: Well it’s been almost a year and a half since then, andContinue reading


Drew Struzan Study – Hellboy

It’s no secret one of my biggest idols and influences has been Drew Struzan – I always strive to eventually be even half as good as he is when it comes to detailed artwork. That being said I realized the other week that I never did a HELLBOY piece at all – and being that the way I learned his style was by watching his “Conceiving and Creating the Hellboy Movie Poster Art” DVD over 300 times… I felt it was finally time so without further adieu…