Been a while

I know, I know – I am terrible at updating this blog in almost every way! (I’m even worse at updating my portfolio as well!) However life has been super busy for me in this crazy art world!

If you want to keep up in real time please make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook because I update 2-3 times a day there!

Over the past few months I’ve been working with Austin, TX based wrestling promotion INSPIRE PRO with a few campaigns to advertise their recent shows:

Poster Design for Inspire Pro
Logo Design for upcoming event for Inspire Pro Wrestling

In addition to those I was also working on poster art for an upcoming film; “Seven Hill City” by Brandon Stroud. I was bound by an NDA up until recently for one of the posters but thankfully can share with you now as well!

AS for the second poster – I haven’t gotten the clearance for that yet but keep an eye open!

Lastly – for those of you remember me talking about working on the indy horror film “Chopping Cart” you may remember me revealing this poster:

Well it’s been almost a year and a half since then, and since the film has been delayed I took the time to take my new skills and process and rework it and make this, this is NOT the final yet – but I can share:

A Reworked, Redrawn, Recomposed Chopping Cart poster. NOT FINAL.

I’m trying to keep busy so keep a look out for updates here and on Instagram!

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